Stephen Colbert recaps Night 3 of the DNC, from 'Trash-Talk Barack' to Kamala's big speech

Wednesday night was Night 3 of the Democratic National Convention, and its theme was "'A More Perfect Union' —

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Wednesday night was Night 3 of the Democratic National Convention, and its theme was "'A More Perfect Union' — or as Trump calls it, 'Fourth Time's the Charm,'" Stephen Colbert joked on the live post-convention Late Show. There was "a powerhouse lineup" of Democratic women: Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris. "It is gonna be tough for the Republicans to match that," he said. "All they've got are Ivanka, Betsy DeVos, and a disturbing sculpture Eric calls 'Lady Dad.'"

The evening was hosted by Kerry Washington, "dressed in a string pin-stripe suit that you usually only wear if you're planning on killing the Batman," and included segments on "the overwhelming evidence of global warming," immigration, and gun violence. Hillary Clinton "took the opportunity to reflect on everything that has happened since she won the popular vote," he said, and Pelosi ... well, he was mostly excited about his own cameo in her introductory reel. "Warren left a secret message in her set: The blocks behind her said BLM," Colbert noted. "That's really nice. Somewhere, a very confused worker at the Bureau of Land Management is feeling pretty good right now."

"Then suddenly, he appeared: Former President Barack Obama!" Colbert said. "It's everything I miss: Obama, the Constitution, a president, haircuts — he looks so fresh." He found Obama's early optimism that President Trump would work seriously at being president misplaced — "Sir, I know you're the guy who coined the 'Hope' slogan, but even your poster doesn't buy that" — but the niceties ended quickly: "Remember No-Drama Obama? Well, now he's Trash-Talk Barack." Obama called Joe Biden his "brother" and ended with "a strong warning for voters" about saving democracy.

After we "sponged off our tears," it was "time for the main event, the acceptance speech for the vice presidential nomination by California Sen. Kamala Harris," Colbert said. "Harris gave a riveting speech in front of a long line of, I'm gonna guess flags that Trump had groped?" She explained what she had learned from her late mother, commiserated with America's wounded psyche, and "ended her speech by calling on all of us to think of future generations." She, like Washington, brought up the idea of accounting for where you were when America was at his crossroads, and as with Washington's comments, Colbert had an answer: "Again, the couch — but honestly, after tonight, on the edge of it." Watch below. Peter Weber
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