Russian opposition leader Navalny still comatose but stable after transfer to Berlin hospital

Another week, another set of states that won’t be attending Kanye West’s presidential “birthday party.”

The rapper, who announced an apparent last-minute 2020 presidential campaign in July to widespread skepticism, over the past few weeks has been trying to get on the November ballot in various states with help from Republican operatives. But by Friday, he had failed to qualify in several more.

In Wisconsin, West didn’t make it onto the ballot after election officials said he missed the deadline to file by just “one to two minutes,” Politico reports. “When you’re late, you’re late,” Commissioner Julie Glancey said. Then there’s Illinois, where the state’s Board of Elections on Friday booted West from the ballot after he only filed 1,200 signatures when he needed 2,500, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

And that’s not all. West also won’t be on the ballot in Ohio after Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose said Friday that he “failed to meet the necessary threshold for certification,” and he won’t be on the ballot in Montana, either. Aside from the states where West has failed to qualify, he was already too late to even attempt to get on the ballot at all by the time he announced his campaign in July.

West, who hasn’t denied that his campaign is intended to take votes away from Democratic nominee Joe Biden, tried to look on the bright side on Friday with a tweet celebrating the states where he has made it onto the ballot. The only problem, reporter Ben Jacobs notes, is that the tweet isn’t even accurate since he hasn’t actually yet made it onto the ballot in most of the ones he mentions.

We’ll let you finish, Ye, but it seems this isn’t exactly the greatest presidential run of all time. Brendan Morrow


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